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Some people might know me 'cause of my Korean drama and band love or my first posts on vingle regarding Disney steampunk(I'm glad everyone loved it so much). But for my Cosplay fans and friends, I decided to show my Cosplay experience! I've been to Supercon in miami, FL twice and boy, do they take their Cosplay seriously. Me, being a fan of certain Anime and conventions where people can whoever the heck they want to be, I decided to try out amateur cosplay. twice lol. so yeah, it's a little embarrassing for me, considering I don't even look much like my pictures anymore (pretty long time ago) but I hope you like the pics!
So my first ever cosplay was one of my favorite character from Soul Eater (other than Maka), Crona. Medusa is my younger sister beside me, Arianna. I remember we worked really long and hard for the sword and sticker nails with the arrows on them. My sword, of course, with all its clay weight, fell apart throughout my first Supercon, but it was before the cons got a cosplay aid booth so what are you gonna do? *shrug*
Second convention was Animate! Miami (yes, I live in Miami) I didn't cosplay for this convention. It was weirdly cold outside, it being winter at the time, couldn't afford cosplay, and my Crona cosplay died after everything fell apart through the last Con. lol. They had an AWESOME dance battle between cosplay though! Guess who won? Whoops, the all and powerfully rumored Slender Man. (He and Dead Pool are legends at Cons)
My third and, hopefully not last, cosplay was at my second time going to SuperCon. As... Lucy Heartfilia from Fairytail!!!! My love for cosplay rekindled when I went to Supercon with a new long term boyfriend (we're nearly at 2 years now) and he was Gajeel x3. Not the traditional way of luci, I admit. I had her keys and wig but couldn't afford her storebought cosplay, so I made something of what I had- hunter version or bad ass version or whatever you call it of Luci c: with some paper guns using my spectacular origami skills (lol). Comment if you'd like! I hope you liked this!
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goddamit did they continue the Anime without my knowing?
Idk I'm on the first season I think still idk I'm getting closer to the next one though because I saw the ending credits seen changed
I just started watching soul eater honestly :P