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So, I noticed something about age when it comes to Koreans (South). Everyone, mainly fans would say happy 22nd or happy 26th, even though the birth year is 1994 and 1990. It turns out, Koreans actually calculate their birth years differently than we do in the U.S. and perhaps other countries as well. In other words, if you're 23 then you'd be 24 in Korea. If you watch the video, or follow the link, it'll explain it. It's seems confusing. To calculate your Korean age: Current year (minus) your birth year (add) 1 = Your Korean Age. (2015 - 1994 = 21 + 1 = 22) *whispers* I used my Sehun's birth year :) I didn't know any of this so i find it interesting for sure and now I know. IT IS TRUE! YOU LEARN SOMETHING EVERYDAY! YAY I LEARNED SOMETHING NEW TODAY! And what's interesting, to me is that you would turn a year older on January 1st of each year, not on your birth day.
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and Koreans and often offended if you make them out to be younger than they are @LizaNightshade
@RobertMarsh really?? I did not know this! 😰 I still don't understand the age thing but hey...it's a way different culture then life in Texas. That's what they do....that's what they do. No one call really argue any different.
it definitely was very different there @LizaNightshade, in more ways than age... but it was truly beautiful and an honor to get to learn first hand
@RobertMarsh wow! that's awesome! I would like to go visit someday
I hope you get that chance @LizaNightshade