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Monday's can be gruesome.

Matter fact, the entire week can be super hard if you don't have that extra push or bit of self love we all need every now and then. I know first hand, when your Monday isn't the best -- the remainder of the week can be somewhat rocky. But fear not, I have the cure for all of that.
It may not seem possible, but sometimes the right words can make things all the better. With that being said, I have compiled a few positive quotes below that will help you jump start your week the best way possible and give yourself that extra amount of love you deserve.

Quote #1:

Why wait? Push yourself to take risks this week. You may be terrified to do so in the beginning, but you will be proud of yourself after you've taken that much needed leap of faith.

Quote #2:

If you think positive than positive is what you will manifest. You're in control of your choices. Remove all negativity from your life and watch things look up.

Quote #3:

Think happy thoughts. It will get you far.

Quote #4:

If you're going to do it, do it now. Why wait? Waiting will get you nowhere.

Quote #5:

If nobody else believes in you, make sure that you at least believe in yourself. It counts for something.

Quote #6:

Don't rush. Don't rush. Don't rush. What is meant to be yours, will be yours. Give it time.
Take these quotes with you throughout the week.
Embed them in your head and stay positive.