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The weather has officially broken. Well, sort of.

It's pretty impossible to walk out of the house without something covering your arms to protect you from those chilly early mornings, but by midday it has warmed up and it is way too warm for a coat. When that happens ditch the heavy leather jacket and reach for a cardigan.
Cardigans are heavy enough to keep you warm, but light enough to wear on those sun days without looking too ridiculous. They come in various styles and sizes to help you feel fashionable on any day. Until the weather is cold enough for that leather jacket the entire day, reach for the cardigan -- it won't let you down. Below I've suggest a few cardigan styles you might just appreciate.
Everyone needs that one chunky knit cardigan in their life. It is the perfect combination of trendy and will keep you fashionably warm.
Everyone needs a black cardigan in their life. Simplicity at it's best. Classic.
A long cardigan or a duster is on trend and there is no reason why you shouldn't own one. Marbleized grey is one of those colors that pretty much goes with anything.

Ladies, get your cardigan game up.

haha of course I will mail you one @TerrecaRiley
@jordanhamilton pls send one to me. I send you may address pls. :'( I love them! but I just can't ToT
Ooo I love the chunky taupe knit one!! Where's it from??
isnt it perfect! it is from @allischaaff