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So I have a situation. I can't seem to choose which Jo twin I like better. Kwangmin or Youngmin. Help!!!
Jo Kwangmin is so cute and in my opinion is always looking more tougher and serious.
Jo Youngmin looks to be sweeter and more playful.
Since I can't choose, I guess I'll take them both!!!! lol Who would you pick????
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wish I could help but I still have trouble telling who's who
kwangmin has a wider jaw set and more defined while youngmins is more of a v shape.. it's hard to describe but I can instantly tell especially when they smile ^_^ kwangmins is too cute!!
Youngmin seems to have higher cheekbones too.....
I can't choose both are perfect in my book
OMG they're so cute I gonna die your killing me 馃槝馃槡馃槏馃槀馃槶馃檲馃檳馃檴