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Leonardo DiCaprio can't catch a break with the Oscars, and some heartless fan is reminding him of that fact every chance they get.

Someone posting as iHasanOscar on Imgur has been quietly mocking DiCaprio for his lack of a statue. I guess this fan isn't alone on their disdain for Leo, because each picture has gone viral on the web.
People are locked into this fans page for numerous reasons.
The first one is that the pictures are a bit funny. The second is this fans REAL Oscar in numerous pics. This has fans across the globe thinking "is this a member of Hollywood who hates Leos guts?"
The good people over at New Media Rockstars have noted that The Academy has awarded 2,947 statues since their inception and it really could be anybody. It doesn’t even have to be a winner according to this 2013 article by Pete Hammond over at Deadline:
"In case any more recent winners are looking to make a fast buck for their Oscar, be warned that a sale like this for any Oscar post-1950 is completely illegal. That is when the Academy started making winners sign an agreement that they or their heirs could not sell their Oscar without first offering it back to the Academy for the paltry sum of $1. Of course, this hasn’t stopped the practice even for those statuettes, and it has been estimated that at least 200 Oscars have been sold in the past and I would guess that a great number of them are post-1950. With this kind of black market in Oscar statuettes, it is obvious that not everyone with the coveted gold man on their mantel actually won it — or was at least related to a winner."

Based on the information above, the person trolling Leo could be ANYONE.

That fact has me befuddled on which question holds more weight: Who are you? or What has Leo done to you?
Hopefully we get answers to both soon.
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I have a feeling it's not really a celebrity so much as it is a crew member or someone who doesn't really have their own PR team. My uncle won an Emmy in the 1980s for camera work he did, and while the award itself is a true, real Emmy, he's not anywhere near famous lol.