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We all love the movie Pocahontas. The Netflix description of the movie though? Not so much.

Last week fans of the Disney classic caught wind of the poorly worded description by Netflix online and caused a stir on social media.
For those who didn't catch the blurb catch it below:

"An American Indian woman is supposed to marry the village's best warrior, but she yearns for something more-- and soon meets Capt. John Smith."

Dr. Adrienne K voiced her displeasure with the description with an article comparing the difference between that description and the other Disney films.
"I picked [Tarzan, Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Hercules, and The Emperor’s New Groove] because they have male protagonists, and with the exception of Emperor’s New Groove which has a “South American” lead (who spends the vast, vast majority of the movie as a llama), the rest of white males. I have problems with the “gentle, crippled” descriptor…but the point is, these movies all have well developed romance plot lines, but their (white, male) protagonists get to save things, fight people, have adventures, and be ‘lord of the jungle’–they are not defined by their romantic relationships in the film. Ah, misogyny."
She may have a point here.

Netflix has owned up to the mistake and fixed the problem.

Dr. Adrienne K took to Twitter to share her email conversation with Netflix. "Got an email from @netflix last night, there is officially a new description for Pocahontas!" said Adrienne on Twitter.
Happy to see that Netflix attacked this issue face on and owned up to their poorly worded description. It would've sucked to see this linger on and become a PR issue for this growing company.
Huh. Yeah curious about the new description. @VinMcCarthy
@vinmccarthy oh yeah they did change it, I will add the new clean description in the card for sure.. thanks for checking out the card brother!
oh damn. what's the new description?
Oh, wow. Yeah...I heard about this.
@christianmordi no problem man!
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