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30 Day Vixx Challenge: Day 10-12

Okay, So again here are 3 cards in one, since I'm still way behind!! So these will be some of my favorites of Ravi, Hongbin, and Hyukie!!!

Day 10: 10 Gifs of Ravi!!!

Okay! So we established that I love it when Ravi laughs and smiles!!!! Here are some adorable gifs. If I didn't know any better, I'd say he's tryna get in my heart!! Gorgeous devil...

Day 11: 10 Gifs of Hongbin!!!

Here we have Hongbin!! He's so adorable! Pretty sure I love his smile!! He needs to be petted too...

Day 12: 10 Gifs of Hyukie!!!!

My little adorable guy!! Isn't he one of the cutest little guys ever??? I am pretty sure I lost my heart, and he is responsible for that!! Normally, I'd fight it, but I can't necessarily say that I want it back at the moment...
As extra because I do what I want!!! Plus I love posting gifs of them!! Disclaimer: I do not own the beautiful guys or the materials used. @byeolbit here's 10-12!!
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