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The Cards have been whipping on teams in their division for the better part of this past decade, and the Cubs are tired of it.
Chicago played St. Louis in a series this weekend and held their own in each game during the series.

Anyone watching the games knows that the tide is changing in this division.

True, the Cards won the season series 8-11, but the Cubs have taken four of the past six in heads up matchups.
The Cards do a great job of getting the max out of each player in their lineup, but the Cubs have a strong young unit that seems to get better by the day. It's not far fetched to think that Chicago and Pittsburgh (if the Pirates acquire an ace in the offseason next to Cole, watch out) could begin next season as favorites to post a better record than the Cards next year.
What do you think, @mchylang and @jeff4122 about the Cubs and their ability to take over the division next year?
Well the Cards are a great team.....but with Molina out for the season, things are going to get really interesting during the playoffs!
It's hard for me to bet against the Cards but i do like what i see from the Cubs. Lots of similarities between them and the Mets - two really young exciting teams