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Let me guess – you don't have time for a healthy breakfast.

Me neither. It's always the same old excuses for not eating healthy... and let me tell you, I am more guilty of this than anyone else.
But not anymore!! Thanks to this awesome hack for a grab-and-go healthy breakfast, that takes so little effort to prep that you'll be kicking yourself and thinking, "Why didn't I do this sooner?!"

Ready for your mind to be blown? Here's what you do:

1.) Grab a blender and 5 mason jars.
2.) Prepare 5 servings of your favorite healthy smoothie – green, fruit, avocado, banana, whatever suits your fancy! Here are a few ideas:
3.) Fill the mason jars up to the freezer fill line (or about an inch below the rim). This is an important step – it gives the liquid room to expand as it freezes, so your glass containers won't explode in the freezer!
4.) Place smoothie jars in the freezer.
5.) At night, before going to bed, remove one jar from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator! It will thaw overnight, and when you wake up refreshed from your beauty sleep, you'll have a delicious, fresh, healthy breakfast all ready to go!!
So now you know the secret to hacking your morning routine and saying to no to unhealthy cheat breakfasts. Just load up your freezer with mason jar smoothies on Sunday, remove one each night of the week and put it in the fridge to thaw until morning, and voila!

You're got a week's worth of yummy breakfasts that are great for your waistline, your wallet, and your morning routine :)

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@allischaaff Okay! So I tried the coffee smoothie! Very delicious! Just a heads up, though, for anyone else interested in trying it: when the shake thaws, the coffee separates from the rest of the smoothie. I just mixed it up, again, so it didn't bother me, but the texture might bother some people. The only adjustment I made to the recipe listed above was some added protein powder.
Ahhhh yes I love this. So I am guessing when it thaws, it turns out to be like a regular smoothie? This is a perfect idea. I have time in the mornings -- I just rather spend it sleeping more haha.
Smoothie jars! Love this! I’m totally a smoothie person, but sometimes it takes a long time in the morning to get everything in there. This is perfect weekend plan to prep for the week ahead. :)
Hahahaha I feel you @DaniVO!! I'm SUCH a coffee hound. Every morning I gotta have mine, or I just slump over and zzzzz at my desk haha. (I'm on the non-dairy train too, btw! :) Black coffee all dayyy) I couldn't wait until 1:30pm to eat lunch D: I need nourishment before then!!! What I always did at my old job was keep a jar of almond butter on my desk. And then either some seed-based crackers (like Mary's Gone Crackers, which are so crunchy and amazing and healthy) or bring a bunch of bananas to work with me. And then around 10:30 or so when my stomach started rumbling, I'd have a perfect mid-morning snack ready to go! :) Maybe instead of smoothies you could give that a try :*
@allischaaff Genius! I am not much of a smoothie person, but I see that the coffee smoothie is non-dairy...and trust me, I love coffee. I usually skip breakfast (I know; shame on me!), but I really need to start eating it since right now I can't eat lunch until 1:30 which I have to work really, really hard not to devour everything in the pantry. 😂
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