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Some freaking kid... (rant,not kpop related)

decided that it was ok to grab my ass today. Before I get into this totally non kpop related rant I'll give you guys some background on this a hole. He's known around the school (yes, it's that bad) for harassing girls. Last year he asked one of my friends how to get to a certain building (my school has 6 buildings) IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCHOOL YEAR. So after she pointed him in the right direction he asked for a hug and then without her permission he proceeded to give her a hug and grabbed her butt at the same time. Honestly, we should've reported him then but we didn't. He did the same thing to another one of my friends but she made sure he didn't get close enough to touch her. He's done this to at least ten girls and I guess he did it again recently so people at school were talking about it on twitter and someone posted his yearbook picture saying to report him and be aware of him. We have an anonymous hotline at school that's mostly for depression, which unfortunately many people at my school have, but someone called in and reported him so now the vice principal is getting involved. He wasn't at school today because he was suspended on Friday for making fun of a disabled kid, who I hope wasn't my cousin because if it was I'll seriously have to fuck him up. But seriously, who the hell makes fun of someone with disabilities?! Anyways, as I was walking out to my car I stopped to take out my keys and he walked up behind me and he grabbed my butt. I should've smacked him or something but I was honestly in shock and I kind of froze but then my friend who's the captain of the boys golf team saw it and it just so happens that the creepy guy is on the golf team as well. So my friend got all up in his face and he was yelling at the guy about disrespecting females and those with disabilities and I forgot what the guy (my friends and I call him ATC, so let's call him that) said but it made my friend mad and he threatened to punch ATC in the face so the kid got scared and ran away. I'm at home now and I've finally snapped out of it and I am PISSED. I thought that ranting would be enough to release my anger but I think I'll go to the gym later because I'm like about to hit something right now. Ugh! I hope he gets expelled! I never want to see his face again. Where does he even get the courage to do stuff like that?! Btw thanks for not reporting or complaining about all of my non K-pop related posts. Most of the time it's because I want to rant to people, just not people who know me in person. Plus, some of you guys are older than me and give good advice.
@JustinaNguyen he definitely needs a lesson in sexual harrassment cause in a few years if he does that he's in jail and/or marked as a sexual predator for the rest of his life.
Yo that kid needs to be reported and idek what but thats SO not okay.
@kpopandkimchi he was reported to our school hotline and now the vice principal is getting involved. I really hope he gets expelled because he's obviously a jerk with absolutely no respect for other people
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