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So all morning I was jammin' to UP10TION's So Dangerous and DAY6 Congratulations. When I walked to first period my friend kept sayin' no to my singing like, bish whuut?! So this was our convo... Me: Congratulations neon cham daedanhae (넌 참 대단해) Friend: NO! Me: Everybody say N.O! Friend: Juana (first name), please stop it! Me: Hajima hajima haji hajima (하지마 하지마 하지 하지 하지마) Friend: *facepalms*

No one can stop me from K-Poppin'!!

Then I wrote on the back of a gum wrapper some SJ lyrics and this was her reply...
"Because you naughty naughty, Hey you no Ms. Simple, because you naughty naughty~"
She always be hatin'
@ToppDogg I know someone who is a K-Popper in my school but she's a very awkward person and she hardly replies to me when I ask her something lol. Like let me be your fangirl buddy!!
@CristelaLoz *gasps* You just triggered me lol. I'LL FINALLY HAVE PEOPLE TO SPAM WITH!! XD
@KpopGaby lol yesssss!!! XD You never know you might convert some people that day hehehe😚
Lol that's me XD XD (the one singing K-Pop)
I feel you, no one in my school likes kpop. Except my one friend but she is still barely joining the fandom...
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