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So all morning I was jammin' to UP10TION's So Dangerous and DAY6 Congratulations. When I walked to first period my friend kept sayin' no to my singing like, bish whuut?! So this was our convo... Me: Congratulations neon cham daedanhae (넌 참 대단해) Friend: NO! Me: Everybody say N.O! Friend: Juana (first name), please stop it! Me: Hajima hajima haji hajima (하지마 하지마 하지 하지 하지마) Friend: *facepalms*

No one can stop me from K-Poppin'!!

Then I wrote on the back of a gum wrapper some SJ lyrics and this was her reply...
"Because you naughty naughty, Hey you no Ms. Simple, because you naughty naughty~"
She always be hatin'
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@9thMuse Sorry that I didn't notice your comment but I never had that happen lol. They just push K-Pop away. @H7zAngel I wish I could do the same but then 1D like just overpowers
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@KpopGaby No worries haha I am sorry about that ...I have one friend who really just won't have any of it but that doesn't mean that I'm not going to blast Kpop from the rooftop anyway
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@9thMuse I'm going to tell my friend to tell her mom (who works at our school) to blast some K-Pop on a Friday (my school plays music in between classes). They've been playing old songs like it's soooo boring! We need some BOOM SHAKALAKA, some JEOLLEO, some BANG BANG BANG, some Just Right, what else? Point is I want new buddies where I can fangirl with. It'd suck if I'm the only one fangirling in the hallways...but if someone messes with K-Pop, I'll smack a bish!
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@KpopGaby Yes! Get everyone into K-pop! They're K-pop fans out there but man they're hard to find where I live unless we have a convention. I am always down to rock out to K-pop (as long as I'm not taking a test lol). K-pop is not a hobby it's a lifestyle, a family and once u r in ...that's it ur in lol I won't tolerate people bashing K-pop either that's just rude, I'm with u 100%
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@9thMuse Oh they are. My friend's tell me about this girl at my school who's a K-Popper but she's boring. She's not as hardcore as I am LOL so I don't talk to her... but same dude....K-Pop is basically a second life that I enjoy better than my real life
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