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If you've fried and dyed your hair too much, this is for you.

If you've dyed your hair one too many times without giving you hair a much needed rest, put down the scissors. These three products might just come save your hair and your life. Just like humans, hair also needs a substantial amount of rest to regroup.
We are so used to reaching for the scissors when our hair is screaming for help, but there are ways around that -- thanks to these three products that will save and restore your over processed hair.


Who doesn't love an amazing mask -- whether it be for your face or your hair? Paris based hair stylist, David Mallet created this hair mask to bring your hair back to life. On clean hair apply this mask leaving it on for half an hour. Condition your hair and rinse completely.

HASK Macadamia Oil

If you haven't heard of HASK, get familiar with their macadamia Nut oil. Essential oils are making a name for themselves in the natural community and this oil just happens to be one of the best. This oil will leave your hair soft and shiny making you forget your hair was ever damaged.

RA_ Gold

This is heaven in a bottle and a multi-purpose product as well. Known as the "miracle product", it is Infused with natural oils and can be used on both hair and body. Apply on hair and leave for ten minutes. Follow by shampooing as usual.

Let the strengthening and growth begin.

Do u use any of these products yourself?
@jordanhamilton that's the one that caught my eye as well
I'm all for a good light oil @BluBear07
nope, but I do plan on purchasing the HASK oil @BluBear07