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Kpop Vingle family! ^^ I put this video together because I think this song is gorgeous and while I was listening to it I imagined this video, so I did it! haha I wanna know what you all think of it though! I hope you guys enjoy it! <3
@AnnahiZaragoza that's cool. I think I might have heard of your school but I started in 2012 so I never would have seen you. I just graduated last year (2015). I was part of Bellbrook high school.
@AnnahiZaragoza thank you! I was in guard for 4 years, I was flag line, dance line, and I led my guard in swing flag one year. I did marching band and we did a stage show at my high school which the guard was in as well. I will continue to do videos and work to get color guard in Kpop haha! ^^
You're welcome. Where you just in the flag line or dance line, riffle line, saber line? I was in Colorguard (Parade, Marching Band, Winterguard) from 7th grade til 12th grade and an instructor for a year after that. I wish I had a flag and riffle to practice with. The only thing that it does take a lot of time out :/ But keep uploading videos girl! I'm loving your work expecially in the impacts and in what better way than in kpop!
that was sooooooooooo calming!
you go girl! Very beautiful choreography and it fit well with the song. I did color guard all throughout high school and the first three years of college. I miss colorguard now haha
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