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This isn't good.

With all the drama leading up to Harvey's start against the Yankees, it's only fitting that something went wrong.
Harvey pitched 5 innings and allowed just 1 hit last night against the Yanks, but was pulled after 77 pitches.

Pulling a starter after 77 pitches in a game he was basically dominating?

That's not common practice, to say the least.
It all circles back to this innings count nonsense. Harvey's agent, and his doctors, don't want him to pitch for the rest of the season. The Mets mean nothing to them; their focus is on their player and his hundred-million dollar arm.

But the reality is that Harvey is a Met. They're paying his contract; they should be able to use his service. Right?

It's so frustrating to watch him pitch so well, and then get pulled and have the bullpen implode immediately and ruin the start, and the weekend.

The good news?

Harvey is still pitching great.

Frankly, as frustrating and petty and ridiculous as this argument between Harvey, his agent Scott Boras, GM Sandy Alderson and Manager Terry Collins is, it's better than dealing with a Harvey who is ineffective.
We're running into this problem because Harvey has been outstanding.
But it just isn't fair to the Mets. Harvey needs to commit himself.
If he does, he could pitch his way to the status of a New York legend for years and years to come. With Harvey anchoring this rotation, the Mets have the chance to be a serious contender for close to a decade.

We're talking the potential for multiple - yes, multiple - championships.

But that's only possible if Harvey commits himself to the Mets and to this city.

And he can start by telling the team that he feels good and they should listen to him instead of his greedy agent.

Until that happens, it's difficult to be in love with Matt Harvey right now.
Yes. I was so surprised when they pulled him out of the game.....and honestly, Boras is ruining the game of baseball. Professional sports is all about the money for sure, but he is cancerous to the organization and the way the game should be played
@mchlyang you're spot on. It's so frustrating to know that literally the only thing driving this decision is money. No the way the game was meant to be played...