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It's September, the beginnings of a new school year, a new job, or just the new fall weather. Whatever it is, September is a great month to de-stress, refocus, and figure out exactly how to find your happiness this year.
We are surrounded by technology, ads that tell us exactly what we are suppose to want, and people who spend their life trying to prove that money equals happiness. From all over, we are assaulted with "priorities" that are suppose to make us happy, and then when we stray from the norm our happiness is conflicted by appreciating a different form of success or passions that don't involve the huge house, 2.5 kids and a vacation home.

To find happiness, you must figure out what makes you happy.

You need to re-prioritize.

Imagine the biggest news to ever happen to you. Imagine the day you get engaged, the day you find out you are pregnant, the day your child is born; who do you want to know right away? Who do you want there? Who do you expect to share in your joy? Who pops into your head when the most important things in your life are happening.
Those are your people. The ones that support you though everything, that keep you smiling, that keep you grounded, that keep you on course.

Make them your priority.

Think about what you would grab in a fire. You have 3 minutes to save whatever is important, so what do you grab?
I am sure the TV, the expensive decorations, the little trinkets that you just had to buy for the kitchen aren't top on that list. Think about what you would save and what that means to you.
The pictures of your family, your favorite book, the laptop with your manuscript saved on it. Material things force themselves into our priorities and distract us from what really matters.
The objects you save are your passions. These are what matter to you when there is nothing left. Prioritize these passions, and find happiness in the little things you have been forgetting.
Take a breather daily. Sometimes all you need is time for yourself.

So re-prioritize time for yourself. And get ready for your happiest year yet.

@itiswhatitis365 omg HAHAHAHA STOPPP that's too funny
NO IT TAKES 3 PEOPLE TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE! 1) You 2) The doctor that prescribes your meds 3) The Pharmacist to fill your script LMAO
@lizarnone my three would be members-pocketbook-blackbox-(BABY and blankee) haha
@mchlyang I was a super weird kid who was terrified that when I went to school my house would burn down idk why haha but I use to bring a few things into the car so that they would be safe for like 2 years !!
I think my priorities lie differently. I think they might be different for most people. people have different variable to account for. I think it's important to focus on happiness, sure, but you should also focus on tangible goals that will make your life better, for a better happiness later.
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