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Concern? Yes. Panic? No.

Uhhh... that didn't work out like we hoped.

The Mets lost the series with the Yankees this weekend, dropping two of three to the crosstown rivals in unconvincing fashion, as Syndergaard was below average on Saturday and the Harvey debacle unfolded before our eyes on Sunday.

It was ugly, frankly.

The team didn't hit a lick - suddenly, everyone's hot streak has dried up - and with the poor pitching, the team never had a chance.

But look. Let's not be dramatic.

The lead over the Nationals has been reduced to 6, with the Nats getting hot at the right time and taking advantage of the Mets losing 4 of 5.

The good news is that the Mets have an embarrassingly easy schedule over the next 10 games.

The Braves, Reds and Phillies are literally the bottom 3 teams in the National League in terms of record.
They're awful.
And the Mets may be cold, but they are not awful. A good team on a cold streak beats a bad team. Usually.

It all starts tonight, with Jon Niese getting his most important start of the season against the Braves.

Niese is one of the veterans in the Mets' clubhouse, and he's got to show it tonight. The team needs him to step up and put together a solid performance and right the ship.
The sky is falling, but it's far from too late.

Let's not forget - this is a 6 game lead with 13 games to play.

Things need to turn around, but I'm still confident in this team.

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