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Ever tried to make those gorgeous rainbow cupcakes that you see on Tumblr and Pinterest, and everywhere else and fail miserably? Like, why is this happening to me and no one else, right? Well, the trick to getting these done perfectly is in the eggs and the food coloring.
1. Don't Use EGG YOLKS. Use egg whites--not the yellow.
2. Use WHITE CAKE mix, not standard yellow cake mix.
3. Use more drops of red and yellow than the green and blue.
I found this when I was getting tips on creating crafty nail polish gems by XCrazyNails. I don't bake, hardly ever, in the kitchen, so these tips are really going to help you make your rainbow cupcakes look like a real rainbow, instead of scary monster colored cupcakes.
But since October is like 2 weeks away, if you mess these up too, just use them for Halloween! Click here for more ideas for Halloween!