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What says Cute, Fun, Baby, Love, Sweet...more than framing real childhood-favorite candy and hanging them on the wall?! I see this for a little kids room, a newborn, something to hang in the guest bathroom. So many ideas and ways to use this clever idea! How would you decorate with these?

Supplies Needed:

Candy galore! Different shapes, sizes, colors, textures...(NO CHOCOLATE!)
Frames (which you can find cheap at Ikea)
Hot glue/gun
White card stock
1. Leave the candy out in a safe spot to get stale for a couple days without attracting bugs.
2. Use the hot glue gun to adhere the candy to white cardstock that's been trimmed to fit the frame.
3. Pop it into a frame and hang on the wall.
How cute are these?! What would you frame? What's your favorite childhood candy? Now, if only I could frame my favorite ice cream bars! Actually, I'd probably just eat them all!
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i don't want to hang this up. i just want to make it. hahaha