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Travel in style this holiday season! If you can't stomach the thought of spending $300 on new suitcases, like you keep telling yourself, take the DIY approach and make your own cute leather luggage tags!
While everyone is staring into space waiting their turn, give the people around you something cute to look at. Who knows, it may spark a conversation. Better to have friendly banter in the queue than standing in misery for hours!

Supplies Needed:

Cricut Explore Air (Can you tell I am desperate for one of these gadgets?!?!!?!?!)
Leather that measures at least 6”x6”
Leather string
Hot glue gun or fabric glue
If for some reason you're like me and don't have a Cricut, you can use permanent ink pad and a rubber stamp for this project. It's almost identical to the project I showed you here for making leather cuffs.
Simply stamp your info and cute graphics, then glue the two pieces of leather together. Tie with leather string and you're ready to travel cross-country, or globally! Have fun, travel safe, and click here for more cute projects!