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Matcha, which is a high concentrated green tea powder is becoming all the craze now. Anytime I go to Starbuck (which isn't a lot because its so damn expensive) I get a large ice water with 3 scoops of matcha and a splash of lemonade, which means on top of being super healthy its super low in calories. WIN!
So start buying matcha because it really is the healthiest, best drink out there, and here is why!

Matcha has a ton of caffeine !

Don't let the idea of green tea fool you, because the matcha powder creates a drink that patches a punch. Because the powder also includes the tea leaves that means the caffeine in 1 cup of Match is equal to around 10 cups of green tea, or a cup of coffee.
However, unlike coffee that will leave you jittery, matcha gives you a calm alertness that is perfect for work and school.

Matcha has a ton of antioxidants!

The powder has 137 times more antioxidants then the loose leaf counterpart which means more nutrients to fight off infections and diseases. To put it into perspective matcha has twenty times more antioxidants than pomegranates or blueberries which are known super foods.

Just call matcha powder the super charged version of green tea!

One cup of matcha green tea has the same health benefits as 10 whole cups of tea!! Which is actually amazing. So take the health benefits of green tea and then times it by 10!
Also it is super green which just makes you feel healthy drinking it.
If you're wanting to buy matcha powder for yourself and don't live very close to any Asian supermarkets, I'd recommend heading to Teavana because theirs is unsweetened whereas the Starbucks one is more of a matcha-sugar blend. (This is nerdy. I'm speaking nerdy right now.)
Yes @alywoah it's fine in hot or cold liquids!! My mom makes matcha tea, hot and cold, all the time :)
Already beat ya to it! lol I always get a green tea Frappuccino or latte. I always feel better when I get one! It's so good and worth buying and keeping at home! 馃槃
SOLD! Does it dissolve well with cold water? Or do you have to make it like regular tea and use hot water?
Just to let you know. I went and got the same thing you get...let just say...AWESOME! I LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing! 馃槃 @LizArnone
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