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Loving these Ralph and Russo pumps!
Is it the color? The silhouette? Maybe it's the metal detailing that has captivated me, but I love these closed-toe pumps. typically, the shoes I like to feature are open-toe. That's just my thing. I've always found open-toe shoes to be exquisite.
These Ralph and Russo shoes, however, have really opened my eyes to the closed-toe deal.
I love the grays, pinks and metals. What are your thoughts of these? Would you wear these?
Rose Pumps
"Dove Grey Satin with Silver Rose"
These are MY favorite of the bunch, though they all look stunning! These also come in a variety of colors. So, for the bride that loves the silhouette and metal detail, but wants a black or something else, you can get it!
I would SO wear these, @marshalledgar!! My jaw dropped when I saw them. Gorgeous. I mean, I'm so into blush tones this season, but that metal detailing – captivating!!! I bet these must set you back a pretty penny... guess I'll be waiting for the knockoffs to hit the stores next year -___-
The gold and rose gold/blush shoes stole the show for me. The detail on the gold shoe is absolutely lovely!
Love the silver and blush!
absolutely obsessed with the bottom two!!! the roae gold is def doing it for me. from the detailing to the color. i am all for these. super chic & elegant.
As far as price, it's undisclosed. But you can pre-order through Harrod's of London. :)
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