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This goes out to all my dear mothers (of the bride/groom) who have nothing to wear to the wedding!
That's your starting point. These two stunning gowns are from the Spring/Summer 2015 Couture Collection. The good news is, you don't have to dress in some potato sack or worse for your son or daughter's big day!
Remember, everyone wants to see what your daughter will look like at your age. Make sure you look nothing less than stunning! And if it's your son who's tying the knot, well, everyone will see what the groom expects his wife to look like in the next 20-or-so years. Look AMAZING!
How? That's easy.
My point here, is to find a glamorous gown that you can wear and feel beautiful in. Don't saddle yourself with digging through racks and racks of blah at department stores (or worse).
TIP: Shop vintage for designer gowns. Or, rent them! This will keep costs low, keep you in designer threads, and keep everyone very, very happy!
1st one hands down @marshalledgar
thanks for weighing in @ariannagorniak1 I love them both but think the first is my pick also