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Alright ladies, this one's for you! You wanna get flirty with that cute boy from class? Try this move. Introducing: The Collar!
So the only requirement for this is that the target of your flirtation must be wearing a collared shirt. Keep this move tucked in your back pocket until the time is right, and then as soon as you see that collar, poof! ;)
Here's how to pull it off:
Go up to your target and say, "Hey, I like your shirt," while lightly grabbing the tip of the collar or the fabric where it opens to reveal a bit of his chest. Make like you're appreciating the material, while you're really just giving yourself an excuse to lightly touch his chest. Flirty points, scored!! ;)

Tell us, would "The Collar" work on you? :)

And as for the ladies, who's gonna give this a try? ;D
@allischaaff, I'm posting the Pot Roast now
I'd put them in the friend zone personally, if only because they're clearly being open and friendly to a stranger :D
thanks for the tag! so I tried it and it kinda worked omg i was dieing!! I was like I like your shirt and he's like I got it on sale at express, why do you need one? it was awkward! and I just walked away lol
This is very incomplete piece, obviously the girl needs to have that body language which is not vulgar/too flirty, flirting is very much different than luv, its more of physical rather than emotional, my opinion? I belong from a community which don't appreciate flirting, I've got a huge patience so before turning her down I might allow her to speak whatever she have to say.... Flirting don't let us anywhere, its much better to keep ur best stamp forward, b gud n honest instead. B urself, that's much easier way to win people in many occasions.
Lol I would think that would cross some boundaries some people wouldn't like to have crossed haaha. It has been so long since I've flirted, Idk how to even flirt anymore ;___;
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