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It's a brilliant plan... to reuse an idea that didn't work the first time!

The artist Illuminating Comics is clearly a little sick of Marvel's BS. First, almost all of the mutants on earth lose their powers because of Wanda Maximoff. Who was a mutant, until she wasn't anymore (which made the character fair game for the Marvel Cinematic Universe). It left comic book writers with less to work with, less potential for new characters, and a huge crisis that seemed unsolvable.

So... it's time to recycle that plot idea, right?

Maybe you thought House of M was cool.

And it was, in theory. It could have revived the in-universe debate about mutant identity, about whether or not mutants should be 'cured' or continue to live as they are. The X-Men franchise has been used many times over the decades to talk about difficult issues, and this plot device could have been a cool way to do that. But that's not really what happened. It kind of left the X-Men in a weird place, sidelined for a lot of Civil War, and the characters seemed to be just now recovering.
So... why on earth is Marvel recycling this plot device? At the very least, isn't it too soon?
@shannonl5, after losing a bunch of money and the whole hacking incident earlier this year, Sony was probably more eager and willing to work with Marvel in order to keep rights and make money. Fox, whose track record with other franchises is spotty at best (I'm amazed that Gotham has a second season!) has an excellent track record with the X-Men franchise, which makes it a much more difficult poker chip to acquire back. While all of it's money under the table, it'll be interesting to see how they handle the creative public side of the problem.
@shannonl5, not sure if you'd been following the internal politics, but Marvel has a problem with Fox's ownership of the Fantastic Four and the X-Men movie franchises, and it's one that neither side wants to let go of. Marvel's strategy is a creative way to cut back and devalue the property in the hopes of getting said property back. That's what makes this move both hated and brilliant: In order to get their property back, they mean to devalue it enough that Fox no longer wants it. The big question mark is what and how long they'd wait if Marvel got their hottest property back - how will they under the Terrigan Mists? It's a shitty move, in my opinion - but if Fox and Marvel can't work out a deal on their properties, it might also be the best choice right now.
@WayneWinquist that makes a LOT of sense! Sony is trying to work with Marvel so they don't get left behind, while Fox is taking a different approach. Though with X-Men, I feel like the standalone Wolverine movie did really poorly? Unless I'm remembering incorrectly. They do have a pretty good track record though, and there's absolutely demand for more X-Men movies. It helps that they were able to get so many talented actors on board I think. (I too am amazed Gotham made it this far... I was intrigued by it but I didn't expect it to make it this far... maybe they pushed it forwards to save face?)
@WayneWinquist yeah! I've been wondering if that was the motivator behind this. @DigitalJediX was kind enough to remind me that there still are X-Men titles coming out, they're just not the center of attention right now. It seems reasonable to assume that they're doing this just to steal the characters back, but why didn't they do that with Spider-Man? Unless they were negotiating the character's return for much longer than it seemed. Or did it seem like the net loss would be too great if they removed the character from the comics entirely? (The again, they're going with Miles Morales instead of Peter Parker, so maybe that *is* what they're doing. Judging from the success of Kamala Khan, it seems like that move wouldn't devalue the Spider-Man franchise, but it *would* devalue Peter Parker... but now they have him back so who knows).
@DigitalJediX @JeanPaulGaleano @WayneWinquist @ButterflyBlu what do you think? Is Marvel making the wrong move with X-Men or are they planning something that will pan out long-term?