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YG, JYP or SM Entertainment?!?
Theae are the top 3 entertainment companies in South Korean. They all have very different styles visually and musically. What is your favorite group of the 3? Try not to be biased by picking the entertainment group that has your favorite band. I know there are many other entertainment companies and many of my favorite kpop bands are not among these 3. However, I am personally a huge fan of YG's style and music~^^
YG was founded in 1996 and 28% is owned by YG himself: Big Bang Winner Psy Epik high 2NE1 Jinusean Akdong Musician
JYP was founded in 1997 and JYP owns 18%: 2 pm/ 2 am Got7 Miss A Rain (no longer there) K.will g.o.d G.Soul Day 6 Jay Park (no longer there) San E
SM was founded in 1995: EXO Girls Generation Super Junior Shinee fx TVXQ Infinite
So, whats your choice?!? *none of these are a full list of artist but just the popular groups *some of these artists are no longer with these companies
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I really like both YG and JYP mainly cuz of the music style and the level of artistic freedom they allow. I also like them because of how well they treat those who work for them. Needless to say SM really needs to clean up their act and get it together, the slave contracts are ridiculous.
YG! I love the personality mix they have. I feel I would mesh better with them than with the other two.