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Thanks for the suggestion @JasmineWilliams :D
who’s the cuddler: Rap Mon definitely! Suga is always sleeping so Rap Mon uses him as his teddy bear.
who makes the bed: Neither, they have more important things to do!
who wakes up first: Rap Mon, mainly because he doesn't really sleep. He's always working.
who has the weird taste in music: Suga. He listens to eeeeverything.
who is more protective: Suga secretly. Rap Mon may be the leader type but Suga is his body guard.
who sings in the shower: Both, obviously!
who cries during movies: Rap Mon cries openly, Suga tries to hide it.
who spends the most while out shopping: Rap Mon drops way too much money on random hats and jackets.
who kisses more: Rap Mon just to annoy Suga when he's trying to sleep.
who is more dominant: Suga actually, when he's feeling energetic!
my rating of the ship from 1-10: 7 cause I love any ship involving Suga!
I tag (more than three cause you all commented on my original card!) -
@JasmineWilliams - Namjin! (Rap Mon + Jin)
@Kryselle - Vkook! (V + Jungkook)
@AimeeH - Navi! (N + Ravi)
@XergaB20 - Taekbin! (Leo + Hongbin)
@ByunBaekhyunie - Baekyeol! (Baekhyun + Chanyeol)
@herreravanessa9 - S.Han (S.Coups and Jeonghan from Seventeen!!!)
You can either answer the questions in the comments or make your own card^^~
and i tag you guys to do the ship you mentioned in your comments on my first shipping challenge card!!! @JustinaNguyen @destiny1419 @B1A4BTS5ever @SusiBosshammer
Roger that good buddy @kpopandkimchi okay! I got it!!
@AimeeH play around! tbh rap mon is the member of bts i know the least about so use whatever imagination juice you have left in your brain haha
do we research or do we play around with the answers? XD my brain is fried from school so pardon the dumb question XD
OMG it's perfect thank you. I'm dying of laughter and imagination
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