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Greetings, Vinglers! Today I am hoping to pick your brains on running shoes. ...but not just any running shoes.
That's right - I am talking about shoes that can withstand the sketchy terrain that comes with a Midwestern winter. The weather is finally starting to cool down, which has been making it easier to get out there and run. The coming of Autumn also means one thing, however: winter is fast approaching! You see, for the last six winter seasons of my life, I have had the privilege of maintaining my "form" (far from flawless, let's be honest) during the colder months from the comfort of a dry, heated gym (thank you, college debt!) This year, however, I am finding myself gym-less for the first time in over half a decade.
(PC: thesalmonfarm.org because Bowser is too much of a Diva to play in the snow) Of course, just because I'll be stuck out in the snow doesn't mean I plan on giving up! Therefore, I want your help! I haven't bought running shoes in over six years (my K- Swiss shown above will not cut it this winter), so I am a little out of the loop on today's top brands! Here is a list I found with some recommended models: Running Times 2015 Winter Shoe Guide For anyone else interested in winter outdoor running, check out these tips on how to handle the icy and cold conditions on the run.
What is your favorite brand of running shoes? Do you have experience running outdoors during the winter months (in a location where there is potentially snow/ice)? Do you have any experiences (good and bad) of the shoe brands/models listed above? Any wisdom and advice you can give will be greatly appreciated! Thank you! DaniVO
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@nicolejb You can use external media players with Zombies, Run! You just have to permit it in the options menu. I also use Charity Miles! I earn about $2 every day with all of my walking/jogging!!! Sponsors will donate $.25/mi and there are many charities to choose from! @allischaaff You can hear them during mission cues. I think you can if you enable "chases" (forces you to sprint to escape the horde, and yes...if they get too close then you have to drop supplies to distract them) then you may hear them underneath the music, but I go for distance instead of intensity, so I've always been scared to enable chases...haha!
@allischaaff half-size up as your feet swells when running. The half-size to give space. @nicolejb did you get a Spotify membership?
@nicolejb awesome :) @DaniVO I don't blame you, I'd be too scared too!! lol @ChriSingularis aha! So that's why :) Thanks dude! I have a Spotify membership, and honestly for me it's so worth it. I love being able to have offline playlists so I don't have to waste data.
@allischaaff you're welcome lady. Honestly I haven't been running in a while and probably won't this weekend due to the pope-a-colypse or popegeddon
@ChriSingularis Hahaha Popegeddon. I haven't heard that one yet XD