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Guys, I have some flirting tip GOLD for you here. I messaged my man @VinMcCarthy to see if he had any great moves to use on the ladies, and let me say – he definitely came through!
If you want an easy, sweet, and no-fail technique for gettin' flirty with your latest boo-to-be, you gotta try The Lean In.
Here's how to make it happen:
In the middle of conversating with your lady friend, stop suddenly, look into her eyes, and say, "What color are your eyes? They're amazing," or "Wow. Are your eyes two different colors?" Study her eyes intensely. This gives you an excuse to lean in close and make plenty of eye contact. She'll blush and feel both complimented and a tad scrutinized – but knocking a girl just a little off her game is good for getting her to like you.
To all my Love & Relationship ladies out there, here's what I want to know!!

Would "The Lean In" work on you? ;)

And guys, are you going to try this one out? ;D
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@VinMcCarthy yeah you're on the right track my friend :'D
They lean in, I lean back. Stay out of my bubble!
Hahaha. Fair enough @jlee37 fair enough :)
P.S. I missed you!!!
@allischaaff I miss you too!!