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Oprah's BFF is taking her health seriously!

Gayle King, CBS This Morning co-host and Editor-at-large at O (Oprah Magazine), is aiming for a healthier lifestyle. King recently Instagrammed a picture of her scale showing that she was 184.5 pounds but thanks to Weight Watchers, Gayle has lost four pounds! She weighed in at 180.5 pounds on Monday, September 21, 2015.
The 60-year-old isn't making any excuses for herself. She showed some very humble comments about her progress writing "Long long way to go..." and noting that she hasn't cheated her diet so far. King has had a very busy past few weeks as she went to the U.S. Open with her BFF Oprah to watch the Williams sisters and then she went on a road trip to San Francisco.
This isn't the first diet that King has attempted to make work for herself. She was influenced by Beyoncé to start a vegan diet back in February. King wrote, "Fatter than I have ever been! Help has just arrived in the form of @Beyonce 22 day vegan diet…Very new for me so we shall see. Thinking its Beyoncé approved so off we go."

Go Gayle, Go!

For some, Weight Watchers is a great tool for leading a healthier lifestyle. For others, it's expensive and hard to maintain. However, we wish King the best of luck in her journey to weight loss! Four pounds down in a week, and many more to shed off in the coming weeks! I can't wait to follow her progress!
Which diet are you on? Did it work?