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I know, I know - the Mets haven't secured a playoff spot yet.

But let's just suppose that they don't blow it. What does the playoff rotation look like?
Normally, this wouldn't be so complicated: you'd expect the Mets to start their best pitchers. No strings attached, no questions asked - it's the playoffs, and in the playoffs you pull out all the stops.

Only if you've been following this team, you know it's not that simple.

Harvey is on the infamous innings count.
deGrom has looked downright terrible in the past month and is going to have a start skipped this week to give him some extra rest.
Syndergaard has gone above and beyond all season, and is in totally unprecedented territory - let's not forget that he's a rookie.
Matz is a bonafide rookie, and as good as he's looked, the guy has made a total of 5 Major League starts.
Colon may be reliable, but he's not always reliably good - too often he just doesn't bring it.
Niese is a veteran, but like Colon, you don't want him facing the league's best teams, which is what you're getting in the playoffs.

Seem complicated? It is.

What was once the strength of this team suddenly has some people worried.

If you ask me, in a 5 game series - that's the format of the NLDS - I definitely need to see Harvey, deGrom and Syndergaard at least once each.
I'm pitching Syndergaard at home, because his numbers on the road aren't anywhere as good as they have been at Citi Field. Game 2 if the Mets have home field advantage, game 3 if not.
It'll depend on what deGrom looks like after he gets the extra rest, but I'm counting on him putting it together come playoff time. He's been the team's best pitcher all season, and I want him pitching twice for sure. Game 1 and game 5 for deGrom.
Harvey? Who knows. My gut is that they'll let him pitch one full start but not more in one series - and I'd rather have that then have him pitch two half-starts. So, he gets game 2 if the Mets are on the road to start the series, or game 3 if the Mets have home field advantage.
As for the 5th start? I'm giving it to the rookie Matz. I just trust this kid when I watch him, even though we've only seen him in limited time. He's answered all the questions and I think the young gun can get it done in October.

So, if the Mets get home field advantage:

Game 1: deGrom
Game 2: Syndergaard
Game 3: Harvey
Game 4: Matz
Game 5: deGrom

If the Mets start the series on the road:

I'm flipping Syndergaard and Harvey and keeping the rest.

What do you think? Do you give a start to one of the veterans like Colon or Niese, or do you let the young pitchers have their first taste of October?

I rather have Syndergaard or Harvey pitch in the first spot of the rotation...we have to understand it's only his second season in the big leagues haha
It baffles me that we're even worried about Mets pitching!! Hopefully, for y'all, they grease up and roll out aces. It seems like the pitchers either rise to the challenge for the playoffs... Or tank magnificently.
@christianmordi exactly. The dude has been there before - he knows the big stage and that's who i want pitching on the road.
Well I would like to have Niese in the rotation of 5.. Matz seems to be getting better as the season progresses as well so he would need to be in there also. It's sad that Harvey won't get the ball on game one, but I think it's due to the fact that he would give the team the best chance to win on the road
I'm pretty optimistic!