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Dear Jordan,
You are beautiful.
Let those three words resonate deep within you because nothing no one says or does to you will ever take away from your beauty.
Weight doesn't equate to beauty. Yeah, you may be 130lbs. overweight, but guess what? You have a heart of gold.
You love yourself regardless of the extra baggage you carry around [figuratively and literally speaking].
You might have enough rolls to go around and enough tiger stripes [stretch marks] for every tiger in the world, but you know what? You are gorgeous. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You've never let your weight get in the way of you being happy or following your dreams. Yeah, that guy might of not taken you serious because you weren't his ideal girl, but you know what? That is his loss. There will be so many amazing guys later on down the road, don't let one guy ruin it for the rest.
I'm so very proud of you. You lost that weight on your own -- all 100lbs. You didn't do a fad diet, you didn't get surgery, but you did it on your own. It wasn't easy, but you stuck with it and for that I am ever so proud. You knew you needed to lose the weight, but you had to do it on your own time. No one can force you to lose weight. It's a personal decision and you took that leap of faith.
Thank you for loving yourself through it all.
The disappointments.
The ups and downs.
Those nights you cried because the number on the scale kept increasing.
You didn't allow those things to deter you.
You might of lost the weight, but you didn't lose yourself. Remember, you are fearfully and wonderfully made, whether you are 100lbs. overweight or not. I appreciate you and will forever be grateful that you helped me get on the right track. Now just help me to stay there.
With Love and Much Gratitude,
I love the messaging in this card. I have my own issues with my size but It's inspiring to see someone else who has struggled with it and come out still loving themselves. I wish I could do the same.
@VinMcCarthy I loved myself when I was 267lbs and I love myself now at 160. it is literally all in our heads. I had to learn that self love was the best love and once I learned that, it got easier to accept who I was. you can definitely do the same. size means nothing at all. what is on the inside is what matters most. thanks for identifying! it is nice to know that not only us women are struggling.
I had to come to terms with the fact that I am short. I'm never going to be tall. Never going to have that superhero bod. And I'm always always always going to be endomorphic. Knowing all this, I have to fight and work hard to do the best I can to look my best with what I got. It's a struggle for us all @VinMcCarthy
feeling this card. a lot. feeling myself too. and though the road is long and tough, riddled with negativity, heartbreak and denial, I cannot be deterred. I will journey on and reach my goals...and then I'm gonna beat those goals.
Yes!!! We should start a movement on Vingle with letters to ourselves!
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