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While reading this article by on creepy ass fans, the above photos allow you to understand my expression throughout the whole time reading this. If anyone of you have done thia to one or more kpop idols of yours, I completely disown you from my sight and knowledge. This is absolutely disgusting and disturbing behavoir I have read about in a long time! like seriously? WTF?
Fans like them are the reasons why most groups won't even try to be friends with any fans or respond to fan mail/ letters. Just sad -.-
people like this are the reason why us respectful fans never get the opportunity to just talk to our favorite idols . psycho people who cant obviously see that idols are people they are humans like us and aren't just property you can harass it seriously aggravates especially when people do stuff like this to the celebs/idols that literally do everything for there fans only to be paid back by this
I have a question. HOW DO YOU NOT THINK YOU'LL GET CAUGHT OR CALLED OUT FOR THIS SHIT? Also, WHY WOULD YOU SEND PICTURES OF CUTS AND BLOOD STAINED LETTERS AND NOT THINK IT'LL SCAR THE IDOL FOR LIFE!? there's a reason they invented those hug coats and padded stainless white rooms. cause you obviously never got enough hugs as a kid and don't need anymore color in your life. you've had too much red and possibly brown from all the alcohol you been chugging
I wouldn't consider these people "fans" because good fans wouldn't do things like that...
Some people just have no respect for others. it doesn't matter if they're your idol and you want to make an impression, they're still human and they deserve to be treated with the respect you would give to normal people on the street. ie: don't slap them
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