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Hello fellow fan girl's (btw you look amazing girl or boy hey you can't just say girls are the only kpop fans or vinglers)

I am back after a small hiatus.

So I must point out something that I dread hearing and that is .....

so do you like understand what there saying?

I'm speaking on behalf of me and a small group of friends. sometimes I'm not the best translator and no I'm not fluent and I mean I know some basic words do I say them correctly ... maybe to me yesterday but to fluent korean speakers I probably sound like a toddler with its first few words. I'm not embarrassed because of that if anything it pushes me to keep learning.
occasionally I fuck up the pronunciation so badly that I just keep going and hope that no one glares at me. after all I'm not fluent once again!!!! and I'm literally teaching myself and also getting small lessons from the cards of @kpopandkimchi
occasionally I'll have my friends be complete dicks about it and be like haha you fucked it up. I know I admitted it so yeah .. please stop. or

I'll be like bitch please you haven't seen me at my best

all I'm trying to say is that after 8 years of listening to kpop and trying to learn korean I mess u Pl and I haven't attained the language as well as I wished I'd hope to. I don't want to learn because I'm obsessed with kpop I wanna learn because it's a beautiful language and the cultural aspects of Korea are amazing. I respect korean culture too much and I don't want to be half assing a language. .... but there are times when I will overhear someone speaking in Korean and I'm like ooohh I know what you said and when that happens I tap myself in the back

and when I slay a song with perfect pronunciation and flow (even on the rap parts) that I'm like mhm I'm not that bad.

Long story short you don't have to be perfect at korean just admit it were all learning here and it's not easy so follow his advice *fighting*
@YvonJerzak you took the words right out of my mouth. I am learning Korean too. And it is because it is beautiful and I want to travel. Understanding Kpop and Kdramas is a bonus. Have you tried 99 Korean on YouTube? That is where I get my lessons.
#broadeninghorizons #FIGHTING
Omg this post is me too. good luck on developing your speaking!
@Marilovexoxo omg thanks so much usually I watch kwow to teach myself
@YvonJerzak go to koreanclass101.com or on YouTube search the Koreaclass101 and go to the hana hangul videos and those will help you with the reading
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