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Hello Vinglers! Another day, another song! Let's Go~

Guilty Crown Opening 1 My Dearest by Supercell

One of my favorite anime out there and best of all it has amazing OST, not only this one. Supercells voice is one of the most unique voices I've ever heard. There's something in her voice that makes you relax and feel at ease. I really recommend you to listen to all the song from Guilty Crown if possible, they're just amazing.
Original Video so you can see her magnificent performance. Close Your Eyes and Listen!~
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Honestly she sounds American! But she does have a unique voice so I can't argue with that ^^ Nice song though :) I can really get used this jam :D Thanks!!
@RaquelArredondo hmm...interesting, I dont know why would you say she sounds American or maybe we have different views :S as long as you enjoy it ^^ You're welcome~
I love discovering new anime music thanks to this collection!
love this song every time I hear it makes me so emotional