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It seems like we've definitely gone off the deep end this time.

No need to find yourself a sensitive boyfriend [see card here] when you can now hire random men to come wipe your tears away, well if you live in Japan. It seems like Japan always has the coolest innovations before anyone else. Although this is more weird than cool and I would probably wipe my own tears before paying for a random to do so, the idea of a man comforting you in a time of need doesn't sound too bad.
Founder of this odd yet innovative website, Hiroki Terai happens to have a weird obsession with tears [hence, recently publishing a book of male models crying]. Weird. Yes, I know. For the low or not so low payment of $65 [7,900 yen], you will have the option of choose between six guys referred to as "handsome weeping boys" on the website who will come take care of you in your time of need. Get the kleenex ready, but no need to lift a finger because one of these men below can cater to your teary needs for a very low price.


He’s a dentist.


The quirky option. He has a spare ticket to see Florence and the Machine this weekend if you wanna go or whatever. No biggie.


He owns a motorcycle, but doesn’t own any helmets or insurance. If he gets injured, he won’t be able to receive financial help to make him only liable for the co-pay, but he doesn’t care. He’s a bad boy.


His father knows the governor.


He has a BA in comparative literature, but an MFA in Y.O.U.


Don’t choose Matthew if you DON’T like eating homemade gelato.
Well, that wasn't weird at all.

Would you pay someone to wipe your necessary tears?

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I can't lol that is funny. I would rather wipe my own tears. Btw did you know in the US you can hire people to cuddle with you? Professional cuddlers I think they are called, one of my friends was going to hire one for some attention with out strings lol 😁.
That's a thing in the US!? haha @LAVONYORK
OH MY GOSH! and the reviews...hahahaa @LAVONYORK
Lmao! I know right!!! I so could not bring myself to hire a professional cuddler (I do have a bf but If I did not, no) btw they are also hiring cuddlers lmfao @alywoah