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As I promised, I am making up for the day I missed with some fall fashion ideas!
DRESS SWEATERS Dress sweaters aren't a new trend, and sadly they aren't as popular as before, but they are awesome for formal events! Along with legging-pants, they fit together perfectly!
LIGHT SWEATERS Light sweaters work wonders for warmer weather! They work well with some nice dress-pants!
BAGGY SWEATERS Baggy sweaters are nice for a lazy day. They are nice with a messy bun, some shorts, and some comfy shoes!
SWEATERS WITH DESIGNS Sweaters contain new designs every year. This year's design I'm seeing a lot of is animal themed. What do you guys think? What designs do you want to see on sweaters?
TUCKED IN I especially have noticed that a lot of people have tucked in their shirts, creating a more professional look.
What do you all think? Do you like these sweater trends?
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I really like the dress sweaters, but I am not sure if they would look good on me. I am also digging the tucked in sweater! super cute!!!