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Q: Who's your secret bias?

Honestly I don't really have a "secret" bias. So I'm going to talk about my interchangeable #2, aka, hyukbin.
I have a soft spot for the maknae line. I love all the members a lot but these two (and Ravi of course) are incredible.
I love Hongbin for his hard work and never giving up to be recognised for more than just his face. I'm sure a quick look at how much effort he put into singing Falling Slowly and Old Songs will show you why! And even though I was hoping for a song solo during Utopia, he killed his solo stage! He's a great dancer even with his little legs. I want to protect him and support his goals. I also adore his hands; they're so small and dainty.
Hongbin also killed me when he rapped during this cover.
I'll always love Hyuk. He's come so far and grown up so much. And he's going to be a movie star! Honestly, I'm so proud of him. I think my favourite thing is how he can pick up his hyungs like they're ragdolls and even scares Leo now. And yet, he's still the baby; Ravi, Leo and Hongbin all love taking photos of him (especially Hongbin).
He's so talented and while he has a long way to go, I'm sure he'll do it. I loved his solo stage at Utopia and of course who can forget Memory. I've always hoped he'll do something like SHINee's Taemin and improve enough to the point where he's as practiced as the main vocals.
Hyuk is just a sweetie, a little emotionally detached but still lovely. He's articulate and takes care of his hyungs and fans well ♡
How could you not love that nose and his pretty, sparkly eyes.
@baileykayleen thEY'RE basically the same lmao they're Diabolical together. their poor hyungs @_@ even ravi said he can't keep up
Hyukbin!!!! My bias :) lol I mean biases lol
yes yes yes falling softly cries yes yes yes yes. did I say YES?