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Okay So I was tagged by the lovely @kpopandkimchi to do the shipping challenge, so my ship is Navi (N & Ravi)

Who's the cuddler:

RAVI! See ^ Proof right chere!! N is just chilling with the precious Ravi catching up on beauty rest. Let's be honest, from the way Ravi looks, he catches the beauty zzz'z quite often cause he's gorgeous!

Who Makes up the bed?

Well seeing how Ravi shook his head no, it's not him. N is like, "Who has time to do that when you have precious selcas to take?!?" So nope, their bed is a little messy but hey, they do what they want!

Who Wakes up first:

N of course!! He's the leader and has to round up Ravi from overdosing of the gorgeousness. I mean he let's Ravi sleep in, but he begins the day cooking breakfast.

Who has the Weird taste in music:

N, that hat is a precursor to opera and country at the same time. Also, I can see N getting down to some two-steppin... He's adorable I can so see it happening.

Who's More Protective:

RAVI!!! Look at those guns and that mean face!! *GRRR*

Who Sings in the Shower:

RAVI and N Both are notorious for singing in the shower.

Who Cries during Movies:

N and Ravi both. They both are teddy bears, so it happens. It's okay boys, I'll dry your tears!!

Who Spends the most While Shopping:

Ravi!! See, you can't look that fleek while on a normal budget... See, he's already eyeing his next preciousness! AHA, WE CAUGHT YOU RAVI!!

Who Kisses More:

N of course!! It's okay N, I'd probably kiss Ravi all the time too if I was around him!! Not gonna even lie!! No crime committed here!

Who's More Dominant:

Duh, N!!! I mean look at him! Who were you thinking?! The shorter ones are always more dominant. It's in the unwritten rule of shorties!! My Rate of the Ship: 1- 10 9!! Cause I love them! My turn to Tag People: @Taijiotter @najalong1998 @SharayahTodd
@cindystran Yes right?! I found so many cute pics of Ravi and N sleeping. Most definitely one of my favorite gifs. They look like complete angel's.
This is too cute! I bet N's shoulder is the best pillow for Ravi. Always there whenever he needs it. haha
OMG I LOVED THIS your gif choices were PERFECT
Thank you Dear @kpopandkimchi! I had fun making this!! ^•^