Which member would be your older brother?
Well I only have three members who are older than me, and Ken is only 4 months older so not quite possible.
So Hakyeon or Taekwoon?
Hmmm...that is a hard question!
But I'll go with...
I pick VIXX's quiet and steady Taekwoon.
Why Leo?
Leo is quiet, but he is also known to be extremely caring to the other members.
He is also very family oriented, and he would look after me.
Since we will be family, he will be able to let loose and be goofy like we all know he can be, but he will also be a great protector and rock that I can lean on if I need to.
Overall, he definitely is perfect big brother material!
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He does sound like a great big brother :) I disregarded ages when I picked my big brother as Ken hahaha, he's actually younger than me XD