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I consider myself 1000% a total newb when it comes to creating props of my own for cosplay. I usually avoid them, if possible. Or, I make them out of plastic frisbees and they fall apart midway through a convention (not that this has happened).
So when I look at these, my brain only asks one thing:



This guy made a Flamberge to go with his Kratos Tales of Symphonia cosplay and I am impressed. This was his first prop. First. Prop. How?! (He actually explained how here, but that's beside the point).


Japanese cosplayer Masazi rocked this amazing motorized Raiden helmet from Metal Gear. And, I'm in awe!! Not only are the little "powered on" lights awesome, but this one actually works! It opens up just like its supposed that. That is real craftsmanship!


Big Daddy here was made by a professional prop and armor artists named Volpin Props, but that doesn't make this Bioshock monstrosity any less impressive. Because it's so impressive. Woah. The sheer size of this is amazing, and then it also has some electrical work going on. I'll say it again: woah.
If these people can hone their skills enough to make these amazing effects, I can learn enough about LED lighting to make my own glowing Nozomi cosplay, right? Riiiiiiiiiggght?
Where do I even start?!
that raiden helmet is the coolest thing I've seen all day.
oh. my. gawsh. my eyes just went big and round, never seen that stuff before O: now THAT'S colorful and eye catching
@hikaymm I think that's what I'll do! (if I ever get a motorized helmet...) @luci546 @danrodriguez have you ever seen stuff like this?
@VinMcCarthy Tell them the helmet acts as your motorized reading glasses which you absolutely need to be able to work XD I'm sure they'll believe that hahahaha (funsies is a great word, embrace it)
@hikaymm totally. I would wear it to work, and if my job asked me to toake it off, I'd find some kind of medical reason to need it. (also for whatever reason I love the word funsies)
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