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I was nominated by @AimeeH to do the shipping challenge. So after tedious thought of what ship to choose i had to go with Myungyeol! Because they are adorable thats why!
Biggest Cuddler? that would be L. He always is hugging on Sungyeol. Not that he is complaining!
Who wakes up first? L is definitely easier to wake up and is actually functional!
Weird taste in music? L is more interested in photography. Sungyeol listens to the music.
Who is more protective? Sungyeol is much more protective and has an angry streak. We still love him tho!
who sings in the shower? they both sing in the shower. that harmony tho!
Who cries during movies? L is a huge softy! he doesnt let being manly stop him from showing emotions!
Who spends the most while shopping? L loves to shop for new clothes and will probably get Sungyeol all the things he could want while he is at it.
who kisses more? they both love kisses! and who woupdnt wanna known kiss these cute boys!
Who is more dominant? L is definantly more dominant. even though Sungyeol protects L, Myungsoo is definitely in charge with their relationship.
My Ship Rating 1-10 8! I hope you all enjoyed my card!
I'm in love with this ship馃槏馃槏 well anything with L but this is great馃槏馃槏
The first ship I ever truly sailed on hahaha
Loves this!! They are too cute to boot!
i couldn't agree more. they are so cute and so snuggly.
They're soo cutee I ship them!! <3