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I was tagged by @kpopandkimchi tondo the shipping challenge. My ship is SugaKookie :)
Who is the cuddler: Jungkook he is always looking for a cozy spot to rest and Suga seems the most comfortable.
Weird taste in music: Suga he has a wide variety of music he listens to. Who sings in the shower: Both.
Who is more protective: Suga because he is older and has to take care of little Kookie.
Who cries during movies: Both they try to hide it but fail. Who kisses more: Jungkook, he is very playful and tries to be romantic.
Who is more Dominant: Suga even though Jungkook tries to be :)
Finally My rating for this ship: 8/10 I may be a little biased with this since Suga is my Bias and Jungkook is a Bias wrecker but hey they are cute together.
@icanteven Sugakookie is the only ship I have also
Jungkook is totally the cuddler!!! I love this!
I ship it so hard
Suga looks cute with anybody lmso
I dont really ship people but the one ship I have is sugakookie !!
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