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2 High School Sweethearts
32 oz Whiskey (cheap)
! 1/2 Cup of Infidelity
2 Cups Insecurity
1 Stick, Hard Truths
3 oz Quiet Desperation
185 lbs Unused Potential
155 lbs Peaked Too Soon
Dash of Jealousy
Sprinkle Success


Preheat the room with tense conversation about menial annoyances. Ask why you have to invite people over every weekend. Ask about the car payments. Ask about what the doctors had to say. Ask why you don't get intimate anymore.
Pour the both of you two generous glasses of cheap whiskey. Deflect questions about the expensive bottle their mother gave you for Christmas. Deflect questions about the messages on your phone by asking why they are looking at your phone.
Act shocked at the revelation of their infidelity.
Throw your own infidelity in their face. Ask them when theirs started. Tell them yours was going longer. Tell them you don't regret it.
Scream about the fact that they never loved you. Ignore them screaming the same thing.
Hurl accusations about their lack of substantial employment. Reel from accusations hurled at you about the ceiling you've reached.
Stew in silence for a few minutes. Pour more whiskey into your thirsty glasses. Stare at your hands, the clock, the bottle of whiskey- nearly empty now.
Look at them.
Know that this is the end.
Realize that you've known for some time.
this hits too close to home
I love this!! The idea of presenting a situation as a recipe is so creative :) especially since we do in daily life talk like, "Oh, that's a recipe for disaster," etc
@butterflyblu thanks, but don't worry - this is a fictional work.
:( *Hugs*
Wow. That's really powerful.