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Hey my Vingle community! So if you have kept up with me, then you should know that I want to become a musician. G-Dragon has inspired me to pursue music with my sister! And we have our own YouTube channel and we have posted a handful of covers already. But tonight, we posted our first original! YAY!
I am so excited and happy that I wanted to let y'all know! And here is how it makes me feel.
So I would love it if y'all went and checked it out! Maybe it's your style! and we have more originals coming so please let us know your thoughts on it! Please subscribe and like the video and if you want to check out our other stuff, please do! if you have friends who you know might like it, then please spread the word! it's our dream guys! we would really appreciate it and we will do shoutouts! Wish me luck guys and if you want, clip the this card and let the masses know!! Fighting!!
You should totally post the YT videos here too so more people can see them!!!
I am so dumb! I posted them now! Go check it out! I am the blonde one. 😆 I would really appreciate it if you spread the word! I am putting together my own original with rap! @kpopandkimchi