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Photography: Me I was out of town a couple weekends ago and we found this fantastic Vietnamese restaurant. They had such a huge menu. Their rolls were delicious!
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You're the best, sis! (★^O^★)
The left down one, in South Vietnam,we does not call it Spring roll, we call it "Bo` bia' ".. And I have no cluewhat does it mean in English :D !!
holy...... looks amazing....now im craving spring rolls..
@Tapsamai Thank you for telling me. I had no idea! I had never had one with those fillings before. It was such a cool restaurant. @kristenadams I just made it a few days ago and it totally satisfied my craving.
I do not know if it is the right one, Cause that one instead having the rice noodles inside, they replace with radish instead :). So it is completely a healthy dish !