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This is my response card to this week's Monday Madness Challenge:
My ideal universe would be that of Howl's Moving Castle.
Here's what I would do in this universe!
I would join the moving castle as an apprentice similar to Markl. Minus the beard.
I will troll Calcifer whenever I can because it would be the most amusing hobby ever.
I'd become besties with Turnip Head. He's the coolest!
I'd be a huge shipper of my favorite OTP from Ghibli: Howl and Sophie.
I'll learn the ins and outs of the moving castle. It does have a personality of its own!
Most importantly, I'll be a part of the moving castle family and spend my time exploring the world with them!
Can't wait to read about your ideal anime universe! ^_^
@B1A4BTS5ever Turnip head is the best! @AkiraCondry Of course, we can all troll Calcifer together!
@RosePark Beards seem like a lot of work, so I'll pass on that. And of course your reasoning would be so you don't have to move yourself or go outside...facapalm. Why not set up a gaming station and anime lounge in the castle while you're at it LMAO
awww why not the beard? lol Its AMAZING! Just look at it xD Also exploring the world in a moving castle.... That's more like for me I can move without going outside at all!!
Oh this is cool, if I ever got to go there I would just mess with Howls hair for fun. Can I troll Calcifer aswell lol
i love this movie it the best my favorite characters of all time was turnip head
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