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Hey V-Gameglers (does this one work? No?)

Guess what this is? Yep! A new Quick Question Challenge!
Everyone knows that it is dangerous to go unequppied with a weapon as you charge headlong into battle. Be it sword and shield, or gun and power armor, any hero (or anti-hero) worth his mettle has the armament that suits their needs. Some are super iconic at this point.
So my question for you all is:

What Video Game weapon would you most like to wield?

For me, it's the Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts.

Specifically, the Fenrir Keyblade you get after beating Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 2.

It's ideal to me because you don't have to constantly carry it around- it appears in your hand whenever you need it. More than that, it's super powerful and it can unlock virtually anything! I'd never be afraid of being locked in (or out) of some place.
How about y'all?
@VinMcCarthy What about Malganis!! Hes my favorite and I think your talking about Anub' Arak xD
@RosePark I do too! The thing is I picked those two because I love Illidan and Malfurion and I also really love Arthas (as a death knight) and that beetle/scarab dude from the expansion, whose name I forget.
@RosePark Frostmourne!!! YESSSSSSSS I loved the Frozen Throne. I was hooked on WC3 for years.
@VinMcCarthy Hey, as long as its cool its fine with me xD My other option was Doomguard or Frostmourn lol
@karthikkrazzy1 ohhh I like that! thinking outside of the box there. and in terms of POP I'd probably take the chain whip. @rosepark but that would be such a hassle to carry! and sharpen! you'd need like 3 whetstones! @galaxytacocat nice choice, but I feel like regular humans like us aren't on master chief's level so one swing and we'd also go flying. @kinggokus that wouldn't be a bad choice, tbh
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