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Everybody just wants somebody to love, right? Well, they might be a bit more picky then just “somebody." This new Chapman University published study examined what heterosexual mate preferences are according to a person’s gender, age, personal income, education and appearance satisfaction.
28,000 heterosexual participants ages 18 to 75 years completed the surveys, so it was a lot of data.
And the results are pretty much what you would guess, but maybe a little worser (yep, that bad).
Here are the qualities that participants rated their potential partner that were ‘desirable/essential’
Potential Partner was good-looking: M 92% W 84%
Potential Partner had a slender body: M 80% W 58%
Had a steady income: M 74% W 97%
Made/will make a lot of money: M 47% W 69%
So essentially: men have stronger preferences for a ‘good looking’ and ‘slender’ partner, while women are seeking someone with money (but also good-looking).
Have women all turned into gold diggers and future trophy wives?
Why is there not a male version of these (really though...)?
These stats are a little saddening to me. Can we have other ways of indicating someone as desire. Perhaps intelligence, confidence, and kindness? Good looking is nice, but if you are looking for someone to grow old should probably search for something a little less shallow.

The only equal stat: men and women care equal about having a partner who is specifically attractive to them.

So we all just want someone to think we are hot stuff.
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I'm fucked!
@melifluosmelodi I think if there's a strong connection, he WILL think you're hot stuff! But just choosing someone on looks alone won't go far, imho. It's hard to explain, but there is nothing that makes me feel more attractive than a guy who Shows me instead of Just telling me. Don't get me wrong, who doesn't want to be told they're beautiful?! (Me, me. >.<) But I FEEL beautiful when a man does those little things to SHOW me. I hope that made some sense in there...
@missvicky69 ^^^ read what @butterflyblu put. she’s so right <3 I feel you @sherrysahar I just want someone to be comfortable with to. and caring and kind. :)
Crazy right? Is it what you expected @ArsalanBalouch