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Everybody just wants somebody to love, right? Well, they might be a bit more picky then just “somebody." This new Chapman University published study examined what heterosexual mate preferences are according to a person’s gender, age, personal income, education and appearance satisfaction.
28,000 heterosexual participants ages 18 to 75 years completed the surveys, so it was a lot of data.
And the results are pretty much what you would guess, but maybe a little worser (yep, that bad).
Here are the qualities that participants rated their potential partner that were ‘desirable/essential’
Potential Partner was good-looking: M 92% W 84%
Potential Partner had a slender body: M 80% W 58%
Had a steady income: M 74% W 97%
Made/will make a lot of money: M 47% W 69%
So essentially: men have stronger preferences for a ‘good looking’ and ‘slender’ partner, while women are seeking someone with money (but also good-looking).
Have women all turned into gold diggers and future trophy wives?
Why is there not a male version of these (really though...)?
These stats are a little saddening to me. Can we have other ways of indicating someone as desire. Perhaps intelligence, confidence, and kindness? Good looking is nice, but if you are looking for someone to grow old should probably search for something a little less shallow.

The only equal stat: men and women care equal about having a partner who is specifically attractive to them.

So we all just want someone to think we are hot stuff.
I feel the same way @ButterFlyBlu. I almost wish that they did a different study with different qualities tested. As important as stability is in a long term relationship (that’s why I totally see why income might be important @alywoah), money and jobs change. life throws you curveballs, and if you pick a partner based on looks and money you might be confused and frustrated when things change.
Hmmph. I'm liking this because I appreciate your work. However, I don't like it. Maybe I'm just weird, but this is... stupid. These are not the first questions that I think of when considering a mate. Sure, some people are instantly attractive, physically, but that can change within five minutes of conversation. Other men, maybe not conventionally attractive, become infinitely more attractive after learning their personality and getting to know them. I'm sorry, but if you're basing your entire relationship on whether some guy is hot... Well. Good luck making That last. Then again, I'm rusty at this. So, Yeah... Still, though. Smh.
I'm fucked!
And that’s one of those things that I hope too. Maybe the people that did these studies have different standards for who they find attractive. lol. @melofluosmelodi
No wonder why plastic surgeons are among the highest paid doctors......yes. It's quite depressing.
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