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So @poojas tagged me in her Monday Madness challenge for this week, and this week, we're asked to talk about what Anime Universe we'd most like to inhabit!

For my response, I choose the Digiworld! (You know, from Digimon?)

Well, specifically I think I'd choose the universe that is depicted in the third season of Digimon, Digimon: Tamers.
That was the one that took place in the real world, but where Digimon were a card game that were ultimately brought to life by the new incarnation of the digivice, something I believe was called the D-Reader.
This way I can still have the world I know and am familiar with, but with the added awesomeness of being a Digi Destined! (lifetime dream, people.)
Personally, I'd want Impmon to be my partner-in-crime in this universe. I felt so bad for him in the anime and I thought he was just so adorable and cool at the same time. We could be a great partnership...we could rule the world....
Plus when he digivolves into Beelzemon, he get's 100x more badass!
So yeah, that's the universe I'd choose. Really simple I guess, but that's what I want the most out of the universe I go to.
honestly season 3 was the best season of digimon!!!
I learned how much I don't know about Digimon after reading this card. So thanks for imparting that knowledge, my friend!